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Changing Client Signers on Forms

000022257 - Knowledge - Published  07/08/2015   (Popularity = 0/100, Rating = 0.0/5)

This How to Guide provides the user with a screen by screen guide on changing client signers on different forms. Third party responders require client authorisation from a bank mandated client signer before releasing client information to a requesting auditor. Different client signers can be assigned to different forms in a client profile. 

Manual on SAAPS 6 Forms

000022165 - Knowledge - Published  05/08/2015   (Popularity = 0/100, Rating = 0.0/5)

The South African Auditing Practice Statement (SAAPS) 6 provides implementation guidance to auditors when using external confirmation procedures to obtain audit evidence, either manually or electronically, from financial institutions to meet the requirements of ISA 505 External Confirmations. This user manual summarizes  SAAPS6 and discusses how it is applicable to Confirmation.com. The different form types are also discussed in this user manual.

How Banks Respond per Form Type

000022169 - Knowledge - Published  21/04/2017   (Popularity = 0/100, Rating = 0.0/5)

This one page user manual depicts which financial institutions will respond to the different forms on an account by account or entity wide basis. A full list of the forms accepted by the different financial institutions is also reflected on the guide.

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