| Popular Support Cases for the Month

  Popular Support Cases for the Month

Published:  08/13/2017


This How To Guide provides users with solutions to the top logged support cases for the month. Users can refer to this guide to access a quick list of solutions to the most popular queries for the month.

  1. Sending Requests to the Bank

    Prior to initiating bank confirmations, the lead auditor needs to ensure that client signer authorisation has been received from all signers that have forms assigned to them. If a form has has two authorised signers assigned to it, the lead auditor will not be able to initiate the form without receiving authorisation from both.

    It is also important to note that when initiating requests, ensure the correct year-end date has been selected in the As of Date field.

    To view a guide on initiating banking confirmations, click here.
  2. Request for Authorisation

    In order to enhance the security surrounding the electronic signature provided by client signers, has removed the "Type It" option from the secure signing page. Signers will now need to sign their signature in the allocated field using a mouse, trackpad or a smart device.

    To view the steps on authorising, click here.
  3. Request has been Denied

    There are a few reasons why a bank may deny a request. Lead auditors must refer to the denial description on the form to ascertain why the requests have been denied.

    Click here to read more.
  4. Getting Started on

    To get started, complete our free certified E-Learning course on This 45 minute course covers everything users will need to know on

    Click here to access the E-Learning modules.
  5. Reconfirming Completed Requests

    Should a lead auditor wish to query the information provided on a completed confirmation, auditors can reconfirm the completed request. By reconfirming the request, the confirmation will be sent to the bank as a priority at no additional cost and the bank will respond to the query.

    To view a guide on reconfirming a completed request, click here.
  6. Logging In

    If a user has forgotten their User ID or Password, they can always click on the Forgot User ID/Password option and reset or retrieve their login credentials.

    To view a guide on retrieving login credentials, click here.
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