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  Batch Import Functionality

Published:  08/07/2015

The batch import functionality is available on selected form types. The the batch import function will only be available on forms, where the bank requires these forms to be sent on an account by account basis. Refer to bank instructions for detail on the different bank forms. 


  1. To batch import a number of accounts, select the “batch import” link within the form being created.

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    Note: This will batch create the form type you have selected, for the bank you have selected I.e. if the user uses the link within the asset form, this will create asset forms for the bank selected. If your client is multi banked, the user would need to batch import per bank.
  2. Setup an excel spreadsheet with a listing of all the account numbers to be uploaded for this form. The sample excel spreadsheet provided will assist with the format to be used.
    Setup the excel spreadsheet as follows:
    a. Client Registration Number is the registration number of the entity
    b. Account Number is the account number.
    c. Account Name is the type of the account
    d. Balance column can be left blank
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    Note: Make sure there are no empty rows or columns in the listing
  3. Click “browse/upload”, and upload the saved excel spreadsheet.

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  4. Select the default currency (South African Rand), link the column headings to the excel column headings and click "next".

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  5. Review the accounts that have been uploaded and then select "next" to complete the process.
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