| Sending a Future Dated Request

  Sending a Future Dated Request

Published:  08/07/2015

Auditors can easily send confirmation requests to the banks up to 90 days in advance of the client’s year-end date. This allows both audit firms and banks to prepare in advance.

(NB!! Please note that future dated requests will only be released to the banks for completion after the selected as of date (Y/E) has been reached.


  1. Select the "Initiate Confirmations" button located in the Initiate block.
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  1. Select the “As of Date”.
Select a future date in the As of Date field, up to 90 days in advance. The system will hold these requests back and release them to the bank immediately after the As of Date has passed.
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Note: The "As of Date" supplied by the auditor when initiating confirmations, is the date the responder will use when providing the desired client information back to the auditor. This is the date the auditor wants the confirmation as of i.e Client Y/E Date or Interim Date, NOT the date the confirmations were initiated.
  1. Select the forms, per the client profile that you would like to confirm with the bank, by checking the tick box located on the left of each account and click next.
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Note: forms that have been sent for the selected “As of Date” that are still pending at the bank will not be available for selection.
  1. Complete the credit card fields and click the initiate button. A notification will appear indicating that the transaction was successful and the requests have been sent to the banks.
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  1. A notification should appear to state that the confirmations have been successfully initiated.
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  1. In the Client Profile section, you’ll notice that the requests will reflect under Future Dated.
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