| Adding Legal Forms to a Client Profile

  Adding Legal Forms to a Client Profile

Published:  01/18/2016's legal confirmation service simplifies legal confirmation tasks such as preparing letters, obtaining client approvals, tracking lawyer responses and receiving documented updates. This feature allows users to request legal confirmations directly from law firms.


  1. Select add, under the Accounts (Step 2) block, in the client profile.

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  2. Select the last option, Legal.

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  3. Type the name of the law firm and click search. Select the law firm name from the search results.

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  4. Some firms have centralized audit confirmations to one department, in which case  users will simply select the firm. Some firms have centralized confirmation by office location and users will need to select or add the desired office. Also, some law firms prefer that the confirmation is sent to the client specific attorney at the selected firm, in which case users will need to select or add the attorney's email address. In each case you will be prompted to provide the necessary information before selecting next to continue.

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  5. Ensure that that the information provided is correct. Select next to continue.

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  6. Select the authorised signer(s) and complete the fields before selecting next.

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    Note: Users must attach specific information relating to litigation, claims and assessments for each individual subsidiary in the form. 
  7. Select Close to go back to the client profile.

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